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Welcome to LUMIÈRE - I believe that every vision deserves to be seen and celebrated. My exclusive personal branding photoshoot experience is designed to not only reveal your unique essence but to also help you embody your vision like never before

With my dedicated support and the expertise of my professional team, you'll receive personalized guidance every step of the way. From meticulous pre-shoot planning to the artistry of professional hair and makeup, as well as expert styling, we'll ensure every detail is perfect for your dream personal branding photoshoot day. Together, we'll craft images and videos that authentically reflect your vision and elevate your brand presence.

Together, we'll capture stunning photos and videos that authentically reflect your essence, ensuring your vision shines brightly online and beyond. Step into the spotlight with your LUMIÈRE photoshoot, and let's elevate your brand presence to new heights.

Let your inner light step into the spotlight


  • Preparation Phase: Allow at least a month for meticulous preparation before your photoshoot. During this time, we'll have multiple calls and in-person meetings with the stylist to perfect your outfits for the shoot day.

  • Booking: Secure your preferred date by booking your photoshoot at least 3 months in advance, particularly for popular months like April, May, September, and October. Early inquiries ensure availability and provide ample time for planning.

  • Shoot Day: Your shoot day spans 6 hours. You'll begin with 1.5 hours of hair and makeup, followed by a detailed walkthrough of outfits and scenes. Start time varies based on your chosen location (indoor/outdoor) and the time of year.

  • Gallery Access: Expect access to your gallery within 2 weeks of your photoshoot day. Videos will be delivered on the same day of the shoot, allowing you to start working with them immediately.

By adhering to this timeline, we maintain our commitment to excellence, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable photoshoot experience tailored to your unique vision.


The LUMIÈRE personal branding photoshoot offers an exclusive experience, harnessing the expertise of a dedicated team including a hair and makeup artist, stylist, professional photographer, and content creator.

Preparation Process
Professional Hair & Make-Up
Professional Styling
Professional Photography (100+ images)
iPhone Video Content (100+ videos)
10 edited Reels
Creative Consultation

2600€ + VAT

Not Included:
Location Cost.
Clothing & Accessories Cost.

Payment options
50% retainer t book in your shoot, 50% one week before your shoot
Payment Plan available: 3 x 875€ + VAT paymnets. First payment to book in your shoot, last paymen tone week before your shoot.

The best is to get on a call with me so we can discuss all the details and your vision for your personal branding photoshoot.

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