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Bi-Annual Shoots

Feel more confident promoting your business thanks to fresh content all year round

Tired of never knowing what to post?

Don’t want to keep using those photos from 3 years ago?

This package is made for you. With 2 photo sessions included during the year, you’ll be sure to get fresh content every 6 months and never run out of new photos to update your website with new offering and post on Instagram and other platforms.

By working hand in hand over the long term we have been able to build up a strategy that truly reflected the brand's core and meaning, hence the interest in opting for my newest offer providing a one year contract.

Why make this choice? Simply because it gives you the guarantee of having a professional who knows your brand inside out and who will be able to use their expertise to deliver the best solutions in order to conceive visuals reflecting the essence of your business, while being careful to bring diversity to it.

It is also a way to ensure that your image will remain consistent while keeping your content fresh and varied all year long thanks to inventive lifestyle shots and a proper storytelling to enhance your products & offerings and the story behind them!

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